About Me


My turbulent journey with food and eating began at a very young age; always the chubby child with food in her hand and mouth open for more.There was never anything fine or dainty about me, and that in combination with extreme emotional eating, led to a love hate relationship with food and a hate hate relationship with my body. My family always reminded me I came from 'good solid stock’, but unfortunately that was not an appeasement for me and I suffered greatly because of my weight, frame and ever increasing body image issues. In my teenage years I developed bulimia – severe bulimia with anorexic tendencies. That illness forever changed my life. It took me to the darkest of dark places, into the depths of despair and kept hold of me for many many years.

I was losing the battle with my life.

Healing had to come and over the years I employed many modalities in an attempt at recovery, even two stints of months of hospitalisation in what was meant to be the best recovery programme in the country. But nothing worked, and only worsened, and for me, at many moments, death seemed the kinder option… until I came across the concept of Quiet Time in Life Process Transformation. It was through this meditative process that I gained an awareness of my self and what my body truly needed to heal and how I could live well in the world. This transformative way of thinking and being allows one to connect with ones’ own inner awareness and cut through the clutter in life and not only deal with, but heal from almost anything.

A New Path

This led me down a new path in life; a much more holistic and simple way of living. I discovered nutritional therapy and qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. As I had used food as my main modality for self-hate and abuse, I wanted to learn how to use it for health and healing. Initially my aim was not to specialise in eating disorder recovery or associated symptomatic conditions such as anxiety and depression, but as my years of studies progressed I realised I had something quite unique to offer; a complete understanding, a complimentary educational base and the ease with which to speak about these unspeakable conditions. For me, this then became a calling as well as a career.

With my combined interest in food as medicine, mental health, and meditative states, I decided to study further. Now undertaking a Masters at The University of Edinburgh, where I plan to focus my dissertation on psychotherapy in relation to meditative mental states and those effects on the relation between food, behaviour and healing.


Now, I offer my services in Nutritional Therapy, and or, as a guide in Life Process Transformation.